What Does Our “Healthy” Look Like?

I have had many ask what we eat. People have a concept of “healthy” but due to the media, misinformation, marketing, etcetera…we can often be WAY off base. So here is my breakdown of what “healthy” looks like in our home. This is our heart healing, gut healing, emotion leveling, immune system boosting way of life.

1) The less sugar (natural or processed) the better.

I rarely bake anymore or buy chocolate…even dark chocolate. We have fruit. I use a little juice and frozen fruit to mix my boys vitamins in using our blender. Sugar of any form plays with your body. It’s amazing how sweet mandarin oranges are when you’re not dipping into the addictive homemade chocolate chip cookies. Sugars also feed the bad bacteria in your gut which impacts everything from immune health, digestive health, to moods. Sugar also increases inflammation which leads to a host of other health problems from cholesterol to muscle and joint aches.

2). The less starches the better.

This goes along with the sugars. Starches convert to sugar. The more starches…the more inflammation. Choose starches with a low glycemic index. If you’re eating starchy a lot you will crave more, gain more weight, and have other health issues. Our starches are carrots, fruit, the occasional red potato, occasional beans with a low carb to fiber ratio, and sweet potatoes, occasional steel cut or whole oats for breakfast.

3). Pack in the veggies. Self explanatory…eat your vitamins. In our case we also have a veggie smoothie every morning. Veggies are builders…they strengthen you.

4). Choose organic or antibiotic free/hormone free meat if money permits.

5). Reduce dairy and choose from grass fed sources if possible. This gives you more of the healthy fats needed for brain functioning and even immune health. Dairy is often a catalyst for inflammation so we have limited but not fully eliminated it. We use grass fed butter, cheese etc.

6). Get your cod liver oil for vitamin D. We take this and have not gotten the flu. New studies show most people are deficient in vitamin D since we no longer work long hours outdoors. It helps in the prevention of the flu, cancer, heart disease, etc.

7). Give essential oils a chance. These have also helped our immune health tremendously. I do distribute them but this post isn’t for selling…just to inform.

8). Exercise regularly. Did you know regular exercise cleanses the toxins from your liver? Boosts moods? Improves immune health? Lowers resting heart rate? It’s a no brainer. My boys and I played baseball in the house today with stuffed animals and a soft bat. They were moving…giggling…active!

9). Get sleep! Enough said.

I’m sure I’ve left things out but these are the basics…you need to start somewhere. Baby steps to health…one step at a time. We are a mostly unprocessed family and as a result…we are happier and healthier than in the past. Our processed food is the whole oats and the cheese. That’s it and that has made all the difference. We are preservative free, hormone free, mostly sugar free family.

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