Running the race…

I repeatedly tell my son’s that God doesn’t promise to make life easy, but He does promise that He will help us through the tough times. I don’t want them to live under the illusion that God is a vending machine. You put in a dollar (your prayer) and He spits out the candy you want. It’s not that simple. Our lives are more like impressionist paintings. All of those tiny little brushstrokes on their own make no sense. However, when they’re added together…it brilliantly makes sense!

Our lives are like this. The trials my Handsome Hubby experienced, the trials I experienced attracted us to each other. God knew that we would recognize the depth of pain that the other one had gone through and come out on the other side. In the midst of the agony of my painful past, I wanted it to end. I didn’t see how anything good could come of it. I still believed God was God and that He loved me but I just couldn’t figure out how He was going to get me through it. But I was so broken all I could do was cling to Him. Now that impressionist painting makes more sense.

My sister and I were talking about life trials and she made the comment that life is like one huge marathon…you don’t come out of it all neat and tidy. No way! 2 Timothy 4:7 says…”I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” The bible even alludes to the struggle and challenge we face even more in verse 6 when it says “For I am already being poured out as a drink offering, And the time of my departure has come.”

So think about this…we have it incredibly good in the U.S. Life is easy. A lot of Christians go to church, pray, and life is smooth sailing. But what if trials come? Does that mean God doesn’t care? Or does that mean we are being “poured out as a drink offering”. When we face struggles year after year…does it mean God doesn’t care? Or does it mean He’s using those trials to finish His artwork in ways that won’t make sense until we see the full painting. He is NOT inflicting the pain on us. That is just a result of sin entering the world and pain, death, and sorrow coming with it. However, He can take those painful things and turn them, work them for good, by touching our lives through the pain, by touching other people’s lives through the pain, by life after life being touched in a domino reaction.

When we finish this life as a Christian…my sister said, and I agree…we should be pretty beat up. We are fighting the good fight! We are finishing a race! It’s our own ultramarathon. Through rain, snow, mud, heat, cold, soiling our pants, falling and getting back up we’ll eventually make it to the end knowing we did it! We kept our eyes on the prize and God helped us make it!

So do not be discouraged. Keep the faith. Finish the race. God is waiting for you.


  1. Provocative thoughts and good encouragement. Thanks Diana!

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