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New Horizons

This blog has served as a platform for me to express myself in our family’s new health journey. Four years ago I had my heart attack and so much growth and change has occurred since then. We continue on that journey. We’re still imperfect but keep trying. We still try to stay away from added sugar and still try to get our workouts in.

In those four years, I have survived but in the process…I have lost my dad, my niece, and one of my younger brothers. I have matured. I have gained new friends. I have lost some friendships. I have reprioritized what is important to me. We have switched churches. We have minimalized what is in our house and continue to do so. We have solidified our marriage even more. We’ve had another son.

In all of those changes, I’m realizing more and more that the small amount of time I have on this earth is so very precious. I don’t do this blog for money. I don’t post ads. I do this to share my heart and hope that in doing so…in being transparent…it may help someone else in the process. So I am reevaluating using a paid webhosting platform for this blog. I’m still praying about it and would need to switch to another site and name most likely. But I feel like even the money we have on this earth isn’t mine. It’s God’s. It needs to be earmarked to make this world better. It needs to go to something more worthy than a new shirt, new shoes, or my mindless ramblings on a blog. It should be used to help those in need. To sponsor another child overseas. To help a local mission with the homeless.

We as Christians can talk the talk but I’m feeling called more and more to walk the walk. Less truly is more. In reclaiming my life I want to prioritize the little time I have left. I want to spend it with my sons and husband and not worry about making a blog profitable or popular. I don’t care if people know me on the internet. I do care that my sons and husband know me. I want us to truly know each other. I want to be known by them as someone who shows Christ’s love to them in the small details of life and doesn’t just pretend to for a blog’s sake. I want to help those in need around me and not just talk about it.

So in being real with you…I’ve felt less of a call to blog here and more of a call (as I care for our third baby Superhero) to be a mom. I feel like God wants me to spend my time not on Facebook or blogging but on my family. He’s given me a job and I need and so desire to do it.

So if I blog less or if I switch sites I’ll let you know. I feel that there are changes ahead and there is a sense of urgency that I follow them. Thanks for listening to my ramblings…


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