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5 Steps to Avoiding Colds and Flus

Our powerhouse go to aids for cold and flu season

Our powerhouse go to aids for cold and flu season

So we have been on a wellness journey for the past 6 years. My sons were both prone to ear infections as infants and strep throat as kids. I went the standard route of antibiotics and don’t regret that, however, I wish I had known a bit more about preventing these infections before they happened.

Our bodies are amazing! When given the right nutrients, they can fight off a lot of things! Our guts, that wonderful bacteria in our tummies is the first line of defense. I have come to believe through visits with our pediatrician, research, and holistic doctors that by feeding our bodies well and healing our guts we can heal some food intolerances and help to diminish the severity or avoid altogether colds and flus.

Good stuff in and you’re strong…bad stuff in and your bad bacteria cheers and down you go.

So here are the top things we do in our household.

1) Eat an unprocessed whole food diet. If it isn’t the way it comes off of plants…if it had to go through massive changes in a machine or through chemicals…don’t eat it. This includes eating unprocessed sugars only (coconut sugar, maple syrup, and raw honey). So essentially, lots of veggies, fruit, meat, nuts, granola (homemade), quinoa, amaranth, occasional brown or wild rice. We follow the 80/20 rule for this.

The less sugar and starches…the less the bad bacteria has to feed off of. So the good can flourish. Think natural, grass fed and organic when money permits.

2) Supplement with whole food vitamins. We use the Standard Process brand. Daily my boys use a low dose of Congaplex to keep strep throat away. This fills a deficiency and helps to specifically prevent strep throat. We also use their Cyruta Plus to help prevent nose bleeds in my youngest. I blend them up in juice and they drink their vitamins with no aversion.

3) Use therapeutic grade pure essential oils to boost the immune system and fight off the yuckies. My youngest was exposed to the stomach flu this week. He has complained of a tummy ache and looked gray a couple times this weekend but we have been using Young Living Thieves oil on his feet and diffused in the air while we have snuggle reading time. I also rubbed their DiGize oil and Peppermint on his belly and his tummy ache has gone away.

4) Use high quality diverse strains of Probiotics. Your stomach needs this. When my little guy felt yucky I also gave him one probiotic per day to help him fight things off. We also drink kombucha instead of pop and my kids love the fizziness while I love the probiotics in it. You could look to kefir (there are dairy and non-dairy forms) that can help boost your good gut bacteria levels.

5)Get your Vitamin D! This is huge! We are an indoor society now…we don’t get all the vitamin D that we need. My sister survived Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and her oncologist said the majority of people are deficient and should be getting 2000 IU of D per day! Get in the sunshine as much as possible and take a natural formed supplement. We take Cod Liver Oil or krill Oil. My boys get a teaspoon per day that is lemon flavored and a piece of chocolate for their effort.

We can’t avoid everything but I do know that my boys have only thrown up twice in their lives. The enterovirus and Ebola freak me out and other parents as well. I know that the healthier we eat the healthier we are. When I slack off and let them have the suckers and candy or pop…they get sick. It’s just not worth it.


My 6 year old goes through phases of really wanting certain toys. We try to only buy toys at Christmas and birthdays so those events seem set apart and special. However, if he wants to use his own money he can after he waits 24 hours to contemplate his purchase.

One day this fall we were talking about this phenomenon of wanting things and what the source of it is. I said, what I’ve found is that we always want something but once we get it we often find ourselves less than satisfied in a short time and we want something different and better. He agreed that he really wanted his Bruder trucks but now he wished he had the money for expensive remote control cars. I shared some things I periodically wanted and it didn’t make sense to him…the version I had seemed fine. So we talked about perspective. What is cool to me is different than what is cool to him.

Eventually, we came to the point…why do people want something new all the time? What hole are they trying to fill? It’s that God spot. That God shaped hole inside of everyone that longs to be filled. We all have it. We all seek to fill it. Sometimes with stuff, people, money, busy work, the list could go on and on.

So we buy that something and it satisfies us for a moment and then it passes and we want something else. And so life goes…

But it doesn’t have to be that way. We can find that security in the One who loves us right where we are. There is One who says if we drink from His cup we will never thirst again. And though it’s so difficult for our earthly mind to comprehend…if we listen to our souls longing we would know it’s true.

Just open His Book…I like to start in John…see what you think…

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