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Present Ponderings…


I love my life. I realize my perspective on things, my ability to think positive and trust God with the unknown has changed over the years for the better. I have been thrown so many curve balls but the one constant is God’s never stopping, never giving up, always constant love and strength.

I feel good. My heart is good. Our marriage is good. My boys are good. We have been searching for a church home and may have found one and that is good. I love what my day to day looks like. I feel like each day is such a gift and I’m living such a rich and full life…even on the messy days.

I love my boys. That encompasses my Superheroes and my Handsome Hubby. Are they perfect? No. Do we drive each other crazy at times? Yes. But are we perfectly fit for each other? Yes. My weaknesses are buffered by my husbands strengths and vice versa. The patience and grace we show each other…the work we put into communicating everything in a healthy way…it’s what binds us together. The same skills we hope and strive to teach to our boys.

I love our little house. I dream of other houses. I get “Iwant-itis” just like my kiddos do. I see the bigger, newer, etc, in what others have but I also see how simplifying and getting rid of stuff has made my life so much easier. It’s like my brain is less cluttered.

I am learning to let go of others expectations for me “what will they think?” Syndrome. It doesn’t mean I should say hurtful things to others and it doesn’t mean that I don’t get hurt anymore…but I hurt less and I am able to brush things off more and create a healthy boundary with little to no guilt now. I need to take care of me. I need to advocate for myself and care for others…both things.

I am in a place today…at this moment in time of feeling enveloped in God’s love and peace. In this moment…I just want to savor it because I know more curveballs are in our future and I need to remember what they lead us to. Before, the unknown unsettled me…now I look forward in anticipation of what lies ahead.

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